New customers

When making your first order:

1. Provide us with all your data and purchase specifications.

2. We may contact you to verify any point that may be required.

3. In some cases our staff may contact you to request extension of information on the use of destination of the products purchased.

4. NANOIMMUNOTECH reserves the right to require to new customers to pay in advance the amount of the first order they do.


Use of products

The buyer acknowledges that the products have not been tested by NANOIMMUNOTECH to ensure the safety and efficacy in food applications, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical, commercial, or others, unless stated in the literature provided by NANOIMMUNOTECH to the buyer.

NANOIMMUNOTECH products are destined for research purposes in the laboratory. Unless stated in the documentation or on individual product labels, catalogs or other information provided to the buyer, IT IS FORBIDEN TO USE THEM for different purposes, including but not limited to them: in vitro diagnostic, use in food, pharmaceutical, medical, or cosmetics neither for use in humans nor animals, nor for commercial purposes.

The buyer must ensure that he will use any product purchased from NANOIMMUNOTECH, and that he will manufacture and market any products derived from products purchased from NANOIMMUNOTECH, in accordance with the practices of a reasonable person who, being an expert on the scope of correspondent applications, act in strict compliance with all laws and regulations. The buyer is responsible for notifying his customers or any auxiliary personnel of potential risks associated with the manipulation or the use of products purchased from NANOIMMUNOTECH and the purpose for who they are addressed. The purchaser agrees to comply with the instructions provided by NANOIMMUNOTECH, if any, and not using products improperly in any way. If the products purchased from NANOIMMUNOTECH were repackaged, relabeled or used as components of other products, still destined for laboratory research purposes, the purchaser will verify any of the tests performed by NANOIMMUNOTECH.

No products purchased from NANOIMMUNOTECH will be considered or may be used as a food, drug, cosmetics or in general, as a public consumer product.


The prices of the Nanoimmunotech store or catalog are in euros and are subject to revision. At these prices must be added the VAT, please check them with us if you need this information before ordering. For written offers, we guarantee prices offered for 30 days. When ordering, please indicate the number of our offer. On phone orders, we confirm the current price at the moment of the call.

There is no minimum order amount.

Please refer to the prices in or ask for quotation

New Accounts must Pre-Pay before the order is processed. NANOIMMUNOTECH reserves the right to require prepayment of the first order or 30% to 50% of the total cost.


Upon receiving your order, we will send the products even if prices have been revised, unless in case of instructions against it from you. Please check the prices in when ordering.


NANOIMMUNOTECH guarantees that its products comply with the descriptions and specifications contained in the catalogs, analytical data or other information provided by NANOIMMUNOTECH. This warranty is exclusive, and NANOIMMUNOTECH makes no other warranty, explicit or implicit, nor any implicit warranty of commercialization or suitability of products for any particular use. NANOIMMUNOTECH guarantee about the products of a particular sale, shall not apply in the case that NANOIMMUNOTECH, in its own criterion, determine that the buyer has made a bad use of the products, has not used them in accordance with the standard practices and industry applicable standards or that they don’t have been used in accordance with the instructions, when any, provided by NANOIMMUNOTECH.

The only and exclusive responsibility of NANOIMMUNOTECH regarding the products for which it proves to the satisfaction of NANOIMMUNOTECH that are defective or not in order, shall be, at the option of NANOIMMUNOTECH, either replacement of such products or payment of the corresponding price purchase, only under the condition of the return of these products, duly made in accordance with the instructions provided by NANOIMMUNOTECH. NANOIMMUNOTECH SL is not liable in any circumstances for any damages occurred directly, casual, consequential or otherwise, resulting from any possible failure of marketed products, including, without limitation, any redundant profit and any direct or indirect damage, including injury or damage resulting from the use of marketed products.

Regarding custom services or custom products, NANNOIMMUNOTECH’s aim is always the satisfaction of its customers. However, NANNOIMMUNOTECH don’t guarantee the effectiveness of the custom product or the expected result(s) by the customer.  NANOIMMUNOTECH reserves the right to require paying in advance the amount of the first order or 30% to 50% of the total cost.

The placing of an order to NANOIMMUNOTECH, S.L. supposes the acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale which are subject to all sales of NANOIMMUNOTECH, S.L. and found in all our bills. To receive a copy thereof, you can request it from our Customer Service Department (+34 986 167 990;

Return Policy

NANOIMMUNOTECH SL only accepts returns that have been previously authorized by our staff. Our Customer Service Department is available to help you if any complications arise with your order.

Please check all packages immediately upon receipt and inform us of any damage or disappointment suffered by your shipment. In case of any damage observed, please save the original packing and shipping documents.

When you considerer appropriate to make a return, please contact our Customer Service department to learn about the steps to follow and get the appropriate return authorization. Return of product must be in accordance with the current regulations for safety and transportation, and in a period of 15 working days from the date of approval. In case of failure of the return product, NANOIMMUNOTECH reserves the right to cancel this recovery.

There are cases in which the return of the products won’t be accepted: refrigerated or frozen products, expired reagents, manufactured products or packed on request, products without labels or instruction manual, any product without the original packaging, controlled substances, damaged or manipulated products, among others.

Products sent as a result of order errors for his/her part may be returned, in some cases, prior authorization. The application must be made within 2 weeks after receipt of the products. In these cases, the return shipping costs will be at the charge of the customer and the return will be subjected to verification. It could correspond to apply some management cost.

Ordering and Shipping information

You can send us your order by phone, by mail, fax or email. Whenever you send us an order confirmation by mail after giving advance by fax or phone, please indicate "ORDER ADVANCED BY FAX / PHONE. DO NOT DUPLICATE". This way, you will help us avoiding mistakes and providing a better service.

We invite you also to discuss with us any points regarding special delivery terms, periodic bills consolidation, etc... We will always be willing to find ways to provide the service that best suits your requirements.

Delivery times will be informed in each case and will depend on the availability of the materials ordered and geographical location.

You can decide whether to use transport means provided by NANOIMMUNOTECH SL, on the terms specified when ordering, in which case shipping costs will be included in the invoice, or use your own transport means, in which case you must perform the arrangement to contact them to order the collection of the order when NANOIMMUNOTEH SL indicates that it is already available.

Terms of Delivery: The products are send EXW (Ex Works) Buyer have all responsibility, including insurance and import charge.

Certain products, for their toxicity, flammability, weight, legal restrictions or other circumstances, will need systems or special transport means. In this case the delivery period may be higher. Please ask for confirmation of delivery period when ordering and ask us whether there is any additional charge to the catalog price.

Any changes in current regulations of Dangerous Substances Transport generate an automatic change to adjust our procedures to such legislation.

Refer to the expiration of the products in the information provided for each of them.

Temperature Sensitive Products and Perishables

Temperatures recommended for long-term storage are given in the descriptions of the products as follows:

Not all products that require long-term storage in cold must be sent on ice. Shipping conditions may differ from our recommended storage temperatures. We ship the products under conditions that ensure their quality.

Products that require refrigeration during the transport are expedited in special insulation packaging or in ice (wet ice) or in dry ice. In each case, it will be applied the corresponding cost for each type of special packaging.


The Seller has the legal ownership to the goods offered for sale and will transfer the legal ownership of such property to the Buyer, who agrees to comply with the conditions described in both as in any other document provided with the products.

Payment conditions

All payments should be done in Euros and comply with the payment terms invoiced. The customer is responsible of all the charge due to the transfer and/or the currency exchange. The customer will be responsible for any Bank charges incurred for processing wire transfers. Any other fees incurred by other banks are the responsibility of the customer. Please note that it is common for your bank as well as intermediate bank to charge a fee. NANOIMMUNOTECH may bill you in addition to this invoice if NANOIMMUNOTECH is required to pay wire transfer fees incurred at your end. Payment by credit card will be subject to a 3% bank service fee. Payments by credit card are made on the secure platform of Redsys and meets the security requirements of Visa and MasterCard. NANOIMMUNOTECH has no information about additional charges that can be applied from your bank.