Are you looking for an easy and quick way to conjugate antibodies or proteins to nanoparticles?

An ideal bioconjugation system should clearly be based on specific interactions between the biological target molecule and tailored modifications of the nanoparticle surface, producing specific biomolecule attachment in a favourable orientation for catalysis (enzymes) or binding (antibodies, receptors), while avoiding nonspecific protein adsorption. This technology will increase your assays specificity and sensitivity at the same time you will decrease the quantity of biomolecule needed for their production.

Do you need an easy and quick procedure that ensures high-quality results in our projects?

We offer all the expertise in the BIOMOLECULE IMMOBILIZATION field, with the capability to design any kind of surface binding, adapting to our customers' needs.


Along these years, we have developed a bioconjugation knowhow to provide our customers the best solution for their projects, meaning that nowadays we also give you the possibility to design multifunctional structures for more accurate outcomes.


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