Discover how HEATSENS

can revolutionize your assays!

Taking advantage of the extensive experience in conjugating biomolecules to micro/nanostructures, Nanoimmunotech decided to start a new challenge: designing the best nanobiosensor solving specific customers' needs. It is called HEATSENS, a revolutionary biosensing platform based on the heat generated by gold nanoprisms when they are irradiated with an external light source.

HEATSENS novelty lies in the use

of gold nanoprisms as photothermal transducers 

The Gold Nanoprisms (NPRs@PEG5000) are asymmetrical (triangular) gold nanoparticles that have the property of converting optical energy (light) into heat in a very effective manner and offer:

  • Biocompatibility with a wide range of biomolecules

  • High stability into biological medium

  • Present modulable optical properties and wavelength according desirable applications.

Nanoimmunotech offers different potential formats of HEATSENS® technology for diverse customer needs.


Along these years, we have developed a bioconjugation knowhow to provide our customers the best solution for their projects, meaning that nowadays we also give you the possibility to design multifunctional structures for more accurate outcomes.



These biosensors can be applied to a broad range of sectors and applications, from the development of point-of-care devices for their use in a hospital o directly at the patient home in the clinical diagnosis field, to its use in a chicken farm for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms, or the detection of contaminants in water, and much more.


If your company needs to increase its medical device portfolio or have discover a specific biomarker that needs to be detected in very low quantities, we will be happy to introduce you our device.

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