Protein Purify & Concentrate kit

Are you looking for an efficient conjugation reaction?

With our kit, you could purify and concentrate your antibodies and proteins in only an easy step!

In many cases, commercial antibodies and other proteins are provided in specific conditions that are not favourable for an efficient conjugation reaction. They are usually provided at low concentrations or in buffers containing low molecular weight contaminants such as azide, Tris, glycine, glycerol or low molecular nucleophilic reagents that interfere in labelling reactions. We are pleased to give you a complete solution for an efficient conjugation of your antibodies and proteins with our bioconjugation kits.

You can use this complementary kit for obtaining the most optimal conjugates.




M22.8 antibodies

We offer the M22.8 monoclonal antibody

for an easy and fast detection of Mytilus sp mussel larvaes

Nowadays, one of the most crucial step in mussel culture is to identify the mussel larvaes of commercial interest for the spat-collecting ropes. This identification based on morphological traits is time consuming and require a high level of expertise. We offer you the easier and faster method based to use of the M22.8 monoclonal antibody specific to Mytilus that allows the detection of all the larvae stages (from D-larvae) to adult by immunofluorescence.


Using M22.8 antibodies, you will get homogeneity of your production, shorter production cycle and higher quality of the final product. Additionally, collecting ropes harvesting is not dangerous and it does not interfere with other sectors. This method is being used in mussel production centres from Spain, Chile and the Netherlands with excellent results.

These M22.8 monoclonal antibodies have been generated by África González Fernandez, Silvia Lorenzo Abalde and José Fuentes, to detect Mytilus sp mussel larvae.

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